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The company’s focus has evolved and adapted to all the latest business technologies to enable us to continuously provide state of the art service and products to our customers and to back up our turn key solutions we are able to offer a wide variety of services from planning‚ designing and implementing‚ to optimizing‚ operating and maintaining solutions.

We provide Mobile Applications for Android, Apple iOS and Windows and USSD Systems.

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The objectives of Findura Infosys are driven by its five core values as largely our quality promise to the customer. They are as follows:

Enable Findura’s customers to derive tangible business value from their investment in ICT. Timely delivery of solutions at promised quality levels and within planned resources. Skill transfer to the customer during all our undertakings. Transparency across the board in all our dealings.

remain responsive across devices

for Android, Apple iOS and Windows


Findura Infosys has built and continues implementing a number of projects for private and public organizations.

Findura Infosys limited is a Zambian Company that specializes in cutting edge solutions on mobile devices, web and we are the company that brought to you the NAPSA Mobile APP.